Weight Management

Humans aren't the only ones with weight problems. If you're interested in having your pet live a long and healthy life, then you should look into veterinary weight management.  At the Cedar Grove Animal Hospital, we are providing this form of care to the animals of British Columbia.


Why Get Weight Management for Your Pet?

Being overweight comes with its own set of issues, from ongoing joint pain to cardiovascular disease. Think of weight management as a preventative care measure for your pet; the more in shape an animal is, the less likely he or she will need expensive veterinary surgery in the future. It will help to create a higher likelihood of your pet withstanding certain diseases or conditions. Ultimately, an effective weight management plan will help to develop a higher standard of living for your loved one.

What Does Weight Management Involve?

This form of animal care will involve vet advice for dietary planning, nutrition, and exercise. The more active and nutritionally healthy your pet is, the longer it will live. Animals have different dietary needs than humans, so to get accurate information on this subject, you'll need professional advice.

During a weight management session, you can expect to discuss underlying health conditions, dietary habits, metabolism control, and things that factor into fat loss. Feel free to ask specific questions about your pet's lifestyle, as being informed on weight management tactics will guide you as a pet owner. Outside of diet and exercise, weight management planning can extend to other areas. If your pet has developed a condition like diabetes, then it may become necessary to prescribe them medication. 

When Does a Pet Need Weight Management?

There are certain signs to look for in determining whether an animal is overweight. Do they have a few extra pounds exceeding their ribs or spine? Does your pet struggle with moving around the house? You can also find weight charts online that point out the ideal weight for your pet's age and breed.

Developing a Weight Management Plan for Your Pet

Are you a pet owner living in Maple Ridge? You can get weight management planning from our veterinary staff. Our mission is to maximize the health and wellness of your pet, and that process will involve offering weight management planning that is personalized for your pet. Call us today at (604) 820-8552 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.