Your cat or dog needs to get regular vaccinations in order to help remain healthy and safe. Vaccines are an important part of preventative care and can possibly help save your pet's life if they meet a deadly virus. Fortunately, you can obtain pet vaccinations through our animal hospital.

At Cedar Grove Animal Hospital in Mission, B.C., our goal is to help cats and dogs live long and healthy lives and help pet owners do whatever they can to keep their pets healthy. That's why we offer pet vaccinations to help protect your pet against deadly diseases, prevent them from feeling any discomfort or sickness and put them on the right track toward full health. If your pet has an emergency, contact us for an emergency vet.


What Are Pet Vaccinations?

Just like humans use vaccines, there are also vaccines available for both cats and dogs. These vaccines are injected into your pet and usually contain an inactive version of a virus or disease, such as feline herpes, to help your pet's body create antibodies against this disease without getting sick of the disease itself.

Pet vaccinations can help minimize the symptoms of a disease or prevent it altogether.

These are just some of the many diseases that can affect your pet and be deadly, but that can be prevented with the help of pet vaccinations.

How Can a Veterinarian Help My Pet?

A veterinarian at our animal hospital will be able to give a full physical exam on your pet, as well as suggest pet vaccinations that will benefit your pet and prevent certain illnesses. Pet vaccinations must be given in a specific time frame in order to be effective. In addition, some pet vaccines must be given when a cat or dog is relatively young, while others can be given as your pet ages.

Pet vaccinations are rarely harmful, but they can cause effects like allergic reactions. A veterinarian at our animal hospital can help ensure your pet does not suffer from any adverse reactions after taking the vaccine by examining them after the vaccine. Doing so can help ensure your pet remains safe following a vaccine and can also help determine if your pet has any pre-existing allergies.

Keep Your Pet Healthy at Cedar Grove Animal Hospital

At Cedar Grove Animal Hospital, we believe in the power of preventative care and pet vaccinations. That's why we have a veterinarian on hand at our animal hospital to help your pet feel healthy stay protected against deadly diseases and improve their quality of life. Call us at (604) 820-8552 to schedule an appointment at our animal clinic in Mission, B.C. If your pet has an emergency, contact us for an emergency vet.