Senior Pet Care

Senior pets have different health care needs than your younger furry friends. As your pet ages, it’s more susceptible to getting sick or developing serious health issues due to a weaker immune system. Diagnosing medical problems early is essential to preserving your senior pet’s health. At Cedar Grove Animal Hospital, we cater to the needs of senior pets by offering veterinary services that can improve their overall health. If you live in Maple Ridge, Mission, or surrounding areas, our professional staff is ready to care for your senior animal.

Senior Pet Care

Importance of Senior Pet Care

By meeting the veterinary needs of your senior pet, you can improve its quality of life in its later years. The following are some of a senior pet’s essential needs:

Healthy Diet

Although pets need nutritious food at any stage of life, a healthy diet is particularly essential for senior pets to maintain their strength and support the health of their immune systems. A high-protein diet that’s low in calories is more conducive to a senior pet’s needs. Our Mission and Maple Ridge veterinarians can provide valuable input on healthy foods that will meet your senior pet’s nutritional needs.


Senior pets don’t require as much exercise as younger pets. However, they do need regular activity to keep them physically and mentally fit. As your pet ages, you’ll need to tailor its exercise regimen to meet its healthcare needs. Instead of strenuous hikes or running in the park, your pup may enjoy leisurely walks or swimming, which is easy on the joints.

More Frequent Check-Ups

Older pets require more frequent visits to the vet to monitor their health. Through bi-annual or quarterly pet exams, our Mission and Maple Ridge vets can catch health problems in their early stages when they’re still treatable. Early diagnosis can prevent minor illnesses from escalating into more serious health conditions. We also offer more extensive lab and bloodwork for senior pets to diagnose hidden medical issues like diabetes, cancer, kidney problems, and liver disease.

Oral care is an essential part of a senior pet’s care. Periodontal disease is quite common in older pets and can lead to tooth loss and organ damage. More frequent check-ups will enable your pet to receive regular dental care to preserve tooth and gum health.

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