Ear Infections

Treatment for Pet Ear Infections

Ear infections in pets are a common problem that can cause pain and reduce the ability to hear normally. Your veterinarian can offer effective treatment for ear infections, so your pet can be happy and comfortable again. At Cedar Grove Animal Hospital in Mission, we provide comprehensive veterinary care for pets.

Ear Infections

Causes of Pet Ear Infections

Moisture trapped in the ears can lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi, which can cause infection. Allergies can lead to ear infections. A build-up of wax in the ears can lead to infection. However, too much cleaning of the ears can also cause irritation that leads to an ear infection. An injury in the ear canal can become infected. A foreign body trapped in the ear canal can set the stage for an infection.

Symptoms of An Ear Infection

You may notice several behaviors that will make you suspect your pet has an ear infection. Animals often shake their heads from discomfort or may unusually tilt their heads. Your pet may scratch its ear constantly. There may be an odor or discharge coming from the ear. The ear may be red and inflamed, or your pet may show signs of pain when you touch his head or ears. You may even see crusting or scabs in the ears. One or both ears may be affected. Any of these signs should prompt you to make an appointment at the vet’s office for examination and treatment.

Diagnosis of Pet Ear Infections

The vet will carefully examine the interior of the ear using a special instrument called an otoscope. If more than a simple infection is suspected, the vet may order allergy testing or other types of tests to determine the cause of the problem.

Treatment of Pet Ear Infections

The vet will clean the ear thoroughly with a medicated cleaner. Then, a medicated ointment may be prescribed to place in the ear to fight the infection over several days. Sometimes, oral antibiotics are given to eliminate an infection. Anti-inflammatory medication may also be prescribed to reduce inflammation in the ear canal.

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