Puppy & Kitten Care

If you recently brought home a new puppy or kitten, you are likely excited about the prospect of caring for a new pet. With this endeavor comes a lot of responsibility, including routine vet visits. At Cedar Grove Animal Hospital in Mission, B.C., our team can help you with any pet care you need. However, there are several things you can do at home when caring for a new puppy or kitten.


Check Your Home for Safety Issues

Before you allow your puppy or kitten to roam freely in your home, it is important to check it for safety risks. Puppies and kittens are curious and could easily become injured if steps are not taken to protect your new pet. Kneel down to your pet's eye level to check the areas in your home that you intend on letting your pet wander. If you notice any protruding items, sharp edges, or electrical cords, remove them from the area. If your pet eats something poisonous or becomes hurt by an object, call our animal hospital and let our staff know that you need emergency vet care.

Gather Items for Your Pet's Comfort

To keep your puppy or kitten happy and healthy, you need to have a variety of items that will help with its comfort. This includes a food dish, water bowl, litter box, and litter if you have a kitten, and leash and collar if you have a puppy. Your pet will enjoy playing with age-appropriate toys. Grooming supplies are also necessary to keep your pet looking and feeling its best. For food, ask our veterinarians for recommendations. Food choices are dependent upon your pet's breed, size, and age.

Make an Appointment for A Physical

Your pet needs an evaluation from our veterinarian as soon as possible. This ensures it is not suffering from any medical conditions that require treatment. If your pet does have an issue, our vet will make recommendations regarding a treatment plan. During your pet's early years, it is best to have your pet evaluated more than once a year. This way, problems are addressed without delay. Our veterinarian will discuss preventative measures to keep your pet in the best of health. This includes spaying or neutering, flea and tick treatment, immunizations, and microchipping.

Visit Our Animal Hospital

If you are ready to make an appointment for an evaluation of your puppy or kitten's health, contact Cedar Grove Animal Hospital in Mission, B.C. Our veterinary team provides routine pet care, wellness visits, preventative actions, diet monitoring, grooming, emergency vet services, and more. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for your pet, call us today.