Allergies in Pets

If you find your pet frequently scratching at itself, it may indicate a severe health problem. When itching occurs in combination with pet skin irritation or a rash, you may wish to consult our veterinarian at Cedar Grove Animal Hospital in Mission, B.C. Your pet may need medication to alleviate the symptoms of allergic reactions. Our veterinarian will also help you identify substances your pet is allergic to so you can avoid them.


Pet Allergies Explained

When an allergen comes into contact with the skin or body of a pet, an allergic reaction can occur. Food or touch allergies cause most pet allergies, so always monitor any inflammatory reactions in a pet. When your pet exhibits serious reactions, you may have to seek care at an emergency animal facility or consult with our emergency vet.

Since pet allergies can manifest in various ways, it is critical to identify the early signs of an allergic reaction. Pets often do not show visible signs of distress, so you must pay close attention to a pet's actions to identify complications.

Allergic Reaction Symptoms

In general, responses to a plant or pollen allergy resemble a similar reaction in a human. Coughing, sneezing, and discharge near the nose and ears are all possible symptoms of a plant or pollen allergy. Seasonal allergies can also manifest on the skin of a pet. Allergic reactions to pollens, fleabites, or related allergens cause Inflammation of the skin in pets. Skin can also appear red, dry, and flaky, leading to additional itching and scratching.

Cedar Grove Animal Hospital provides remedies for mild to severe allergic reactions. When pets exhibit extreme reactions to seasonal allergies, you may need to seek assistance from our emergency veterinarian in Mission, BC.

When Is It Necessary to Seek Emergency Care?

Although emergency treatment is not always appropriate for mild allergies, our clinic provides remedies in severe reactions. Generally, we recommend that pets seek care at our clinic if they exhibit swelling, excessive skin reactions, or trouble breathing. Take extra care if your pet vomits and produces soft stool, as this can indicate a serious food intolerance.

Contact Our Emergency Vet in Mission, B. C. for Treatment of Allergies

If you are looking for pet allergy treatment in Mission, B. C., contact Cedar Grove Animal Hospital today. For more information on the services provided by our emergency vet or to schedule an appointment, call us at (604) 820-8552.