Allergy Relief For Your Pet

Animals, just like humans, can have allergies. In fact, pet allergies are rather common. There are several signs your pet may be suffering from an allergic reaction, and chances are you can tell when they are uncomfortable or, at the very least, not acting like themselves. The best way to make sure they are happy and healthy without any allergic reactions is to have them tested. At Cedar Grove Animal Hospital, all of this is taken care of. What you need to do is schedule an allergy testing appointment. 


Common Signs Of Allergies

Pets, just like humans, will display several symptoms when suffering from allergic reactions. You will likely see them scratching in certain areas of their body. Specifically, this might be around their ears, eyes, and nose. They also might attempt to scratch their backs or other areas of their bodies. At first, it might look like they are being extra playful, but if they are attempting to scratch themselves in ways you haven't seen before there's a good chance it is because they are experiencing some kind of allergic reaction. 

You might notice your pet has gunk in their ears. Depending on the kind of ears they have it is common to have some kind of dirt or dust inside (you should do your best to keep them clean), but if there is dark, thick gunk, almost the color of tar, it is a sign they are having an allergic reaction. 

Other pets will develop hot spots. They might have bald areas around their armpits or by their tails. If you notice these issues you do not need to immediately rush them into the animal hospital, but you should schedule an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as you can. 

Testing For Allergies

There are several pet allergies animals are either born with or develop over the years. Some of the most common are associated with foods. Namely, fillers you find in foods, such as soy, rice, corn, and other grains. Other times there might be allergies to specific proteins like turkey or chicken. You can attempt to identify the allergies yourself by selecting a limited ingredient food (that is soy, rice, and grain-free), and then stick to a specific protein. If they continue to demonstrate allergies use the same basic food style but switch to a different protein to see if this helps. Of course, the easiest way to identify the allergy is to bring them in to see the vet. 

Allergy Relief Is A Phone Call Away

When you live around Mission, B.C. and you believe your pet is suffering from allergies, now is the time to bring them in to be tested. While you do not need to rush them in for an emergency vet visit at the animal hospital, you should try to schedule an appointment as early as possible. And, if you ever need rushed emergency vet assistance, our team is always available to service you and your pet at Cedar Grove Animal Hospital.