Toxic Ingestion in Pets and How We Can Help

Animals are curious, and unfortunately, this curiosity sometimes leads them to eat toxic substances. Toxic ingestion can cause serious health issues in pets and may require treatment from an emergency vet. We at Cedar Grove Animal Hospital in Mission B.C. are here to help if you're concerned your pet has eaten something poisonous. Our animal hospital is here to help. 


What Are Common Causes of Toxic Ingestion in Pets?

Many things that can safely be eaten by humans can be dangerous for pets. That's why it can be important for pet owners to familiarize themselves with substances that are dangerous for animals. Some toxic substances that might be eaten by pets include: 

  • Chocolate: This sweet treat contains theobromine. Dark chocolate contains more theobromine, making it more dangerous.
  • Xylitol: Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that's found in some candies. Ingestion can cause health issues in pets. 
  • Medications: Prescription and over-the-counter medications designed for humans can be highly dangerous for pets. Pets might get into these products when they're placed in the trash or pet owners mistakenly give them to their pets thinking that it might help them. 
  • Hazardous chemicals: Household cleaners, pesticides, and other chemicals are poisonous when ingested. Pets may eat grass or lick floors, so it's best to show caution after using chemical products. 
  • Houseplants: Certain houseplants, including poinsettias, can be toxic to pets if the plants are licked or ingested. 

Signs of Toxic Ingestion in Pets

Sometimes, you'll be able to see clear evidence that your pet has eaten something it shouldn't have. In other cases, your pet may hide the evidence, which means you'll have to watch for symptoms of poisoning. Symptoms to watch for include:

  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Tremors 
  • Rapid breathing or heartbeat
  • Unusual behavior
  • Changes in the color or consistency of your pet's bowel movements

When to See an Emergency Vet

If you suspect that your pet has ingested something toxic and is showing symptoms, it can be important to contact a veterinarian or an emergency veterinary clinic immediately. A vet on our team may recommend that you monitor your pet's symptoms or that you bring them in for care immediately. 

Visit a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team in Mission, B.C.

Toxic ingestion can be dangerous, which is why you should talk to a vet if your pet has ingested a large amount of a toxic substance. We at Cedar Grove Animal Hospital can help provide fast treatment for your pet if he has gotten into something toxic. Call us today at (604) 820-8552 for more information from our animal hospital.