• Dr. Martin Rebele
    WCVM, Saskatoon; 1998

    Dr. Martin Rebele Graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon; in 1998 and has been pursuing his love for veterinary medicine with a passion ever since. Martin loves interacting with people. Areas of interest include: veterinary dentistry, ophthalmology, ultrasound, skin and allergy conditions. As well as orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation, emergency medicine and helping people with their senior pets.

  • Dr. Catherine Stuart
    WCVM, Saskatoon; 1998

    Dr. Catherine Stuart has a love for animals that started early in life. The first eight years as a veterinarian were spent in Williams Lake where she enjoyed mixed animal practice. Special areas of interest include getting puppies and kittens off to a good start. Addressing behavioural problems, diabetes management. Kidney and liver disease as well as helping people and their pets deal with skin disease and allergies.

  • Dr. Amy Nagatani
    Murdoch University, Western Australia; 2016

    Dr. Nagatani joined the CGAH team in March 2017.
    Amy's love for veterinary medicine has taken her all around the world providing veterinary medicine in developing countries. Amy loves all areas of her job but is specially interested in: Radiology, Geriatric Medicine, Dermatology and overall improving the quality of life of her patients and clients.
    On her spare time Amy seeks continuing education and has completed advanced courses in dentistry, wound repair, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery.

  • Dr. Hugh Upjohn
    University of Guelph, ON; 1979

    Dr. Upjohn has a strong interest in exotics and small mammals medicine. He has a long standing relationship with many rabbit rescue organizations. In his spare time, Hugh loves to play squash and travel the world; specially the Caribbean.

    Dr. Upjohn recently celebrated his 40th anniversary as a Veterinarian and we couldn't be happier to have him as a part of our team. 

  • Dr. Dalia Hunter
    Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico; 2007

    Dr. Dalia Hunter's love for veterinary medicine took her by surprise and she never looked back.Dalia loves preventative and emergency medicine. Her interest include: surgery, dentistry, dermatology and small breed dogs health related issues. On her spare time, Dalia spends time outdoors with her Pomeranians; photography and travels the world for Continuing Education and experiences.

  • Dr. Laura Rounding
    WCVM, Saskatoon; 2019

    Dr. Rounding is happy to return to her home town of Maple Ridge after receiving her veterinary degree in May of 2019. Laura enjoys all areas of veterinary medicine and has a special interest in behavior. Laura owns a feisty cat and a loving dog. Outside of the clinic, Laura spends time hiking,  horseback riding, and knitting.