Signs your Pet has Allergies

Signs your Pet has Allergies

Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

If your pets are sneezing, rubbing at their eyes, or experiencing other symptoms, they might have allergies. Pets can develop allergies to foods, seasonal triggers such as pollen, fleas, and other allergens. At Cedar Grove Animal Hospital, our veterinary care team provides allergy and dermatology services to help relieve allergy symptoms. We serve pet owners in Mission and Maple Ridge. Learn more about the different symptoms that might indicate your pets have allergies.

Skin Symptoms

Allergies to flea bites, certain foods, and other allergens can cause skin irritation, such as itchiness, a rash, redness, and frequent licking or scratching. Dermatology services for pets can help clear up a rash or ease other skin symptoms due to allergies.

Respiratory Symptoms

Pollen and other seasonal allergens, dust, and other types of allergens can trigger respiratory symptoms in pets. Your pets might cough, wheeze, or sneeze when they are exposed to allergens. Other symptoms they might have include runny eyes or a runny nose.

Digestive Symptoms

Certain foods can cause problems with your pet’s digestive system. They might vomit or have diarrhea after consuming foods that trigger allergies. Removing these foods from pets’ diets should help prevent allergy symptoms.

Behavioral Symptoms

Allergies can cause changes in pets’ behavior. Some pets might become more irritable or aggressive due to allergies. They might also have less energy than usual, causing them to be less active. It’s important to get an accurate diagnosis since other illnesses can cause these symptoms.

Emergency Symptoms

In rare cases, severe and potentially life-threatening reactions to allergens can occur. Your pet will need emergency care if they have heavy facial swelling or leg swelling, trouble breathing, severe lethargy, a rapid heartbeat, or refusal to eat or drink for more than 24 hours.

Allergy Treatment for Pets in Mission, B.C.

If your pets have been experiencing any allergy signs or symptoms, please contact Cedar Grove Animal Hospital for an appointment. Our veterinary team can determine the type of allergies your pets have and create a treatment plan for relief from skin irritation and other symptoms.