Pet Boarding

If you're going away on an extended work trip or a family vacation, don't forget to plan for your pet. Pet boarding services are critical to providing your pet with a safe environment while you're away. You can gain peace of mind if you find the right pet boarding facility to help your cats or dogs stay comfortable while you're away. At Cedar Grove Animal Hospital, our clinics in Maple Ridge and Mission British Columbia can help put your mind at ease and provide high-quality pet boarding services! Never leave your pets unattended, and instead reach out to us for help if you're going away.

Pet Boarding

What is Pet Boarding?

You can think of pet boarding services as a hotel for your pet. During pet boarding, your pet will have their own living accommodations including their own kennel, their own food supplies, and their own water to drink out of. Pet boarding services are crucial if you're leaving your pet behind during an extended vacation.

Benefits of Pet Boarding

Pet boarding services provide monitoring throughout the day and can check in on your pet if your pet has any other pre-existing medical conditions. By receiving pet boarding services from a certified animal clinic, you can rest assured there will always be staff available to help provide medication, and emergency care and to keep a close eye on your pet.

If your pet has any dietary needs or restrictions, a pet boarding service will be able to accommodate these free of charge. You can also gain access to viewing your pets through cameras. You can be away on your trip and still get updates on your pet.

Pet Boarding in Mission, BC

It can be difficult to leave people alone at your home or find trusted people to pet sit for you while you're away. With pet boarding services, you don't have to worry about any of this. At Cedar Grove Animal Hospital, we'll be with your pet day and night making sure they get the care they need. Call us today at (604) 820-8552 for more information on our pet boarding services or to schedule your pet’s stay.